you're at book artist & bricoleur Lilla Duignan's web space

she is creative director of the group tribe, who after a brief & fruitful summer sabbatical, are celebrating working collaboratively together again!

...we use bricolage - using what is to hand - to realise our visions, as a means to making and as a way to learn, and to solve problems:- trying things out & playing around....we thus aspire to continue on our fluxus ways

tribe members:- Allil Nangi-Ud, Teri Makassih, Anne On, & Phil Atterleigh
Phil thoroughly enjoyed the week-long fluxus summer school with Jeff Rathermel (from MCBA)  to get a flavour click on flux me!

Lilla has just returned from taking up an independent artist's residency in Venice, at the international scuola grafica: the watery city's mystery has infused her work and her spirit.....her objectives were to contribute, develop the themes of mash-up & giftprogress hybrid printmaking skills, be rejuvenated and to follow creative it turned out the latter was the most important thing....the dreamy city, the fellow artists and being far from home added much magic.

Look here at our 'artists' books' page and explore some of the resultant project, lost & found in Venezia





some things to ponder...

nothing will work
unless you do
Maya Angelou
truth is more than 
simply fact
Studs Terkel attributing it to  
James Cameron
one can be old and outraged
Henri Cartier-Bresson
you can never get enough of what
you don't need
John Perkins, author
it's luck that matters; you just have to be receptive, that's all
Henri Cartier-Bresson


all photos on this site taken by Lilla/tribe, unless otherwise stated



fluxus assembling box: a collaboration

Venice continued:  Lilla's short moving image piece, Shrine to Venezia

....and spontaneous magic in Venice experienced with artist Jon Cattapan see his short video of Tony Green and Angelo playing canal-side, outside Dodo's in the sunshine, and what ensued....

Plus the Venice trip proved to be a pilgrimage: a journey away from home to spiritual wellbeing

unashamedly bookish...
artists' books club at UWE is still going (founded by Lilla) and even has a relative in ABCD - Artists' Book Club at the Dove

Wild Converstions Press has a new website,
a ‘not-for profit’ publishing co-operative, it is primarily concerned with supporting and publishing inter-disciplinary and other creative work.
(Lilla is a member of the editorial board)

we concur with Allil when he says 'the perfect space in which mystery meets matter and conjoins, is for us the book'