Month: August 2014


the summer school week at UWE (University of the West of England) was a delight; we worked with Jeff Rathermel from Minnesota Centre for Book Arts and our focus was Fluxus Asembling Box

this short video flux me! will give you a flavour of the week

al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here bookmarks: produced 50 digital/handmade bookmarks and infiltrated them into a street library, racks at the vegetable shop and the the local library – leaving bookmarks for people to ponder over, use and if so moved, investigate the project further. We’ll see…

P1050310    OnLibraryShelf

meeting in the kitchen studio each month, our rubber-stamp-making/arttists’ books collective continues to thrive : we make simple books, cut & print stamps , explore materials, invite guest artists and generally allow ourselves a few hours of unedited experimentation, without focus on any end product – liberating… and often feeds into creative practice, nourishing creativity…

in this session, not yet having mastered woodcutting, we printed directly onto the wood substrate

AdjstdNotWoodBlock!    BrtrMeg'sWoodBlock

2WingedLionFan  hand-cut rubber stamp print