Month: October 2014

work in progress
 developing  the idea of using  my locale to practice ‘seeing anew in a familiar environment’

getting back to La Serenissima?

I’m doing this in the context of developing a work project, part of a proposition for an artist’s residency in Venice:
working with individuals exploring the watery city from a ‘below the parapet perspective’, the result might
be handmade, or perhaps digital, using a tablet or smartphone, maybe making a short moving image work?

I envisage the details becoming clearer and  it’ll be good to see its form emerge and to name the project…

How the idea started: you may have seen these images (below/left), the fresh things garnered from looking &
seeing in my local neighbourhood

√cut out pics4seeingthings    the word cards

next,  the words evoked by the images, affixed to separate  cards;

and the images affixed to their cards,  making a deck of both  text & visual images

Both Decks_edited-1

the whole deck could go in this tin, or I might make a container,  wrap-around perhaps?


we now have a pocket game to play:- perhaps arranging words and pictures to create random mash-ups,
or consciously constructing new personal narratives

deck Narrative

above is a friend’s fast, non-thought-out response to the cards, which he states reads

the tiny motorbike leaves the peeling banana tree standing
the the bench is waving at the steps
 near home
coloured ice-cream tree lights the community
through a blue vista