Month: March 2015

this week has been all about paper as I embarked on Rachel* Hazell’s marvellous e.course
keeping my hand in, and exploring with other creatives is a good way  to feed the creative well,
& continue my amateur development….


like any creative and inspiring course the effects commenced
as soon as I registered, & I was off, preparing. . .
a materials box, collecting papers, starting a notebook –
plus Rachel also provided pre-course exercises, my kind of work!

* known as the travelling bookbinder, Rachel embodies all that phrase evokes, working with groups in Venice, Edinburgh and far away isles….she has a newsletter too9 ?pre course pics

WEEK ONE -Paper: images to give you a flavour of the work…

cut it out, splice it, pleat it, discover its marvels…


noting how the light falls on it and reflects…

                                                        6.ShadowHangnFX     5.SqShadowsFX   4.HanginTexture



making journal from found papers…some will be gifts



1a InsideFndJournal    InTravelJournal

a small notebook for tucking in a bag….

3.SmallJottings InsideJottings


a writing exercise – the book inside you BookInsideMe_edited-1   A Bk Of Gifts

writing is an integral part of my life, an illuminating tool for ascertaining and clarifying ideas

7.JanFebBkltCvrs January & February’s books:  monthly audit of events, using writing & images
logging things of note: towards appreciating the journey & documenting it –
at the end of the year there will be 12 small black books
InsideBklt 8.JanuaryBklt

and finally it’s Saturday and on opening the e.course classroom I see there is another task – I’m rapt!

….next week it’s collage, a return to my old love…