Month: October 2015

starting the day with galette pancakes…


Strip Colour


                                                                                                                                                                       Sophie Rae



pieces made, some of which will be used in a new artist’s book:
small matters of life & death




FinisPieceIA setting

and something that caught my eye on the hall wall this morning…


stripand finally a couple of points of interest:

Stephen Jenkinson is in the UK this November, so for those keen to explore
death and dying from a cultural rather than psychological perspective,
his work is stunning:
his site Orphan Wisdom is full of gems. . .

‘In a culture like ours, so unsure of itself, so without a shared understanding of life
for its people, there are subtle, enduring consequences that look like personal inadequacy,
failure of will, inability or unwillingness to live deeply.
But what I’ve seen over twenty five years of working with people convinces me
that these problems or struggles are not bad psychology,
worse parenting or lousy personality development.

What we suffer from most is culture failure, amnesia of ancestry and deep family story,
phantom or sham rites of passage, no instruction on how to live with each other
or with the world around us or with our dead or with our history.’
 the inimitable Brian Eno gives The John Peel Lecture 2015
exploring the ecology of culture beautifully – 60mns, on iPlayer til the end of the month
and to all those warriors traversing the road less travelled Alain de Botton reminds us
‘alone among the cabbage-heads, Nietzsche had realised that difficulties of every sort
were to be welcomed by those seeking fulfilment’

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