Month: June 2016


There is such tenderness and vulnerability in this self-portrait by Rembrandt,
(1669) his final one, made when he was 63 years old:
all of life’s experiences etched so plainly on his face;
his life was indeed  full of tragedy.

Rembrandt was dead within a year of painting this masterpiece.

(see this work at City of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery ’til 17.7.16
part of The National Gallery’s  Masterpiece Tour)

The revelationary presentation of the essence of a person, in those times,
seems far removed from the importance we (in Western culture)
now place on the form of all things
– to camouflage, smooth out, mask, and eradicate –
at all costs to not reveal the worries, sorrows, sadnesses, and tragedies
of this human life – the form is it now,
perhaps then it was more about the human essence…

The irony is, of course, that despite all our efforts to primp the form
we reveal the essence anyway!


a friend mentioned she would like to enjoy more the process of writing,
and I was reminded of Thomas Mann’s words

writing is

(which might be some small consolation)
finding the process of writing invaluable & self-educational I return to
morning pages again and again, especially in stuck hours of need,
two weeks of writing every day, free-form without editing,
can be a mighty edifying & catalytic thing to do.


And whilst at this I connected to my old love of drawing,
which somehow is a gift I do not grant myself too often!


a one minute sketch is more about the process than the end form


women and film

* Agnes Varda born 1928, doyen of experimental film, & performative/documentary,
for e.g. The Gleaners and I (2000)

* Five of the six shortlisted artists for the 2016 Jarman award are women

* Sally Potter

* Claire Dennis


The Cup Song – percussive treat by lovely young things  – 3 mn. video

Wikkelhouse  a new kind of building – 3 mn. video

early colour stencil film from Pathé – fairy tales – this one is from 1903,
2mns long with soundtrack


Being decidedly unskilled in the art of taking holidays, the summer (!) time
is when I take my introvert out for a walk – the annual pilgrimmage to Canterbury
is always a joy as it is my sister to whom I travel

every nook and cranny I see there is a visual treat,
here’s some to share

the perfect room in which to rest

one of the last of the old pubs becomes accommodation…


pear orchards’ fruits are still picked by migrant workers


more holiday talk

miraculously a dear friend reminds me of our summer get together in Glos
and also invites me to share some Pembs pursuits with her:
thank the goddess for thoughtful friends…


a moment of dizziness and inattention resulted in me inadvertently coming down
the stepless side of a ladder, straddling it & doing the unintended splits
wrenched back, sprained knee, and body in shock I hobbled round to a friend’s
to borrow a walking stick – he kindly drove me to vote
(EU Referendum), to the shop and on home.

reframing: asking for help is a gift you can offer to other people

generosity is a gift you can enable others to give in a time of need

√spiky flower scribble panel copy
contrast: after the ladder incident, only one light-coloured curtain hangs…

√SimplyBksInterimNote copy