Month: July 2016

Primitive Print III

(UWE Bristol July  26th & 27th 2016)

here are some pictures from earlier in the week of
this wonderful two-day course with Stephen Fowler







we set off from Bower Ashton
on foot with bike & trolley
fossicking & foraging
for found primitive print possibilities,
inspirations and opportunities

such as. . .

(due to ongoing technical issues this post is coming to you slowly over a long time – hoping it all arrives)
some more found foraging inspiration
3.Row of foundimages√
then our tribe – Angela, Ben, Stephen, Ruth & me (behind camera) – make a pitstop, time to look up!

some of the things we collected along the way

then we arrive at our destination – M Shed – where we are welcomed into the Industrial & Maritime History Department
and are surrounded by many wonderful historic artefacts such as this 1950s Douglas Dragonfly…

much inspiration at every turn
6a.SeeingThings@M Shed_edited-1


some books we used for research and inspiration:
the 1978 collection of stamps Rubber

and yes, (below) this is a Gaglione!

10.Cees de Roy_edited-1

11.PeterBelowassembling our foraged print possibilities

next, we glue chosen objects to foam backing so when printing there is ‘give’

we go out to lunch….
next we attach the foam backed object to wood

shellac is applied to the plant form to protect
& strengthen it for a print run
and a print of this









lovely barge & bike stamp prints, by Ben
√Ben'sBarge_edited-1   Ben'sBikePrint

print experiments from my journal
exploring . . .

an outstanding stamp print – by Stephen – inspired by that litho stone

one of my digihand experiments
12.FeatherPrint+appFX copy

and finally, weary though happy, this local graffiti seemed rather apt

Tired graffiti