Month: August 2016


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some people:
work full time
have children
are chronically ill
make it their main focus
integrate it into the rest of their lives
visit it rarely

yet they each  still maintain a creative practice

’tis a many-headed beast with varied manifestations

suffice it to say, the one you have is your very own 


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 some call it a hobby, some don’t call it anything at all, some don’t think they’ve got one!

floats your boat
rings your bell
creams your cheese
tickles your fancy
tosses your salad
toots your horn

learning from..

this delightful one-minute video is from Catherine Cartwright

I try to remember that the job — as well as the plight, and the unexpected joy —
of the artist is to embrace uncertainty, to be sharpened and honed by it

Dani Shapiro
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this creating business is not quite like other work,
the process may be mysterious
outcomes and results are often surprising
product may not be the whole point

No traveller ever sets out with so little idea of where he is going
or how he is going to get there than an artist does.
And no traveller ever gets to a more wonderful place.
….what draws people to art and artists is the propinquity of play
extract from Howard Jacobsen’s speech at The Royal Academy
2016 I think


the fascinatingly varied ‘my writing day’,
from a raft of writers, and beautifully illustrated
in The Guardian is worth a look

 I can only manage three hours’ writing before fatigue sets in
                                                                                      William Boyd

…there are as many ways of going about the work of writing as there are writers…

there are surely an enormous number of people who don’t blow their own creative trumpets
but simply get on with doing what they are driven to do, to make, to draw, to create…et al


Constantly...textit may be crucial. . .

to take time out to  nourish yourself creatively

to fill the creative well….

the benefits might be inestimable


artists’ dates
creative buddying
visit unknown places
create a group of like-minded practitioners
cultivate purposeful connections
play (I know I know, you’re British…)
walk with an idea in mind
cultivate solitude*
make notes/document/sketch
go to unlikely exhibitions

*considered by some the
No. 1 creativity habit

3 Lines fr Robert Frost poem
and remember, your mind can provide you with enough
in-house entertainment to last you a lifetime

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some links that may be of interest
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17 mn TED Talk by Hilary Cottam

as Howard Jacobsen also said
…no certainty other than the certainty that we can’t be certain of anything

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trascorrere una meravigliosa estate / have a marvellous summer