Month: October 2016

is what we each are:
p’raps our job is to lovingly embrace that in its entirety
question:  can I include that as  purrfect too. . .?

(Housewives’ Kitchen Apron – Birgit Jürgenssen 1970-ish)
referencing the Japanese term wabi sabi seems pertinent
my translation:  perfectly flawed – YES, I am.

Finding it useful to embrace imperfections in my work:
as a bricoleur and primitiv printer, including misstakes &
less than perfect results seems like a compassionate
and generous gesture to self. . .
as time passes, the way I do things, the way I work,  is
I see perhaps like a fingerprint – unique and inimitable.

As Brian Eno states,
the point about working is not to produce great stuff all the time,
but to remain ready for when you can

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working on a linocut – a new medium for me:
image inspired by Clifford Harper‘s work

congratulations Bobby!
though many criticisms thave been levelled at his
receiving The Nobel Prize for Literature (I get them!)
my immediate response was a heartfelt fabulous!
Bob’s not looking so impressed. . .

came across the Claude Glass, (black glass) commonly used as a drawing
and photography aid in the 17th century; it struck me as mysterious so
made one from a lamp lenshere’s an iPhone picture taken using it

rollerprintleaf3 rollerprintleaf2 rollerprintleaf1 rollerprintleaf3
primitiv prints rolled out using the image left on the roller. . .
and (below) some gift bookettes just made, celebrating friendship

Bristol: Spike Island courses

here’s the view from the print studio: reflections on the Avon’s mud bank
the course is an excellent exploration of relief print with artist tutor Christine Howes. . .
foraying into lino cutting with her (see BuddhaWoman images above);
and Press Play, a year-long course with the superlative artist tutor  Emma Gregory
Designed to help one understand, and sustain,
a working creative practice & develop research strategies, this is stimulating
and scrumptious stuff with Emma at the helm

…and  just round the corner from Spike Island,
an ancient-looking Jeanne-Claude & Christo-like wall. . .
paying attention,
(thankyou for the reminder Jenny)
real attention, to our lives and the world around us,
seems really important for wellbeing and flourishment, to me.

See the wonderful Paulus Berensohn in this 5mn video EVERYTHING IS ART

and if that inspires you, check out the documentary on his life
To Spring From the Hand 73mns
and, if you could use some beautiful soothing sounds
to work to, relax, dream, contemplate. . .
choose from any of the following or mix your own combi
rain/waves/singing bowl/wind/fire/birds/coffee shop/white noise/thunder/crickets
beautiful. . .
a list of things I like about myself was found by a friend after his sister died;
he read it out: it was so moving and life-affirming, and Nirjana somehow lives on through this
and the many memories we have – such a powerful, graceful, fragile & generous friend

As an acknowledgement & appreciation of your self,
you may wish to write your own list