Month: January 2017

paying attention: it’s great to take a photograph
& then see things in it
one did not notice at the time of shooting . . .
here’s an example – one of my favourite trees in urban Bristol

going round a fairly empty exhibition is such a treat,
a chance to really pay attention:
Strange Worlds: The Vision of  Angela Carter,
at The RWA, is full of treasures

from Corinna Sargood’s linocuts illustrating
Carter’s Virago Book of Fairytales
(Tattooed Lady) ….

…to Chagall’s The Blue Circus
in these times of virtual viewing

it’s so easy to overlook the privilege of seeing
original work in RL – an actual Chagall!

some maintain that one of the most tangible
expressions of love is paying attention

the lovely John Berger, who died on 2nd January 2017,
was a man of huge generosity and spirit
paid deep attention to ways of seeing and thinking.

He said If I’m a story teller it’s because I listen.

Simon McBurney tweeted
Listener, grinder of lenses, poet, painter, seer.
My Guide. Philosopher. Friend.
John Berger left us this morning.
Now you are everywhere


an artist who paid a lot of attention to everything around him
over a working life of six decades is Robert Rauschenberg;
there’s an exhibition of his work at Tate Modern ’til April 2nd 2017,
and this 59mn long BBC documentary is an illuminatinging tribute
to both him and his work:
Rauschenberg: American Pop Art Pioneer


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