Month: October 2017

the only time you ever look down on anybody is to give them a hand up
                                                                                                   the inimitable Quincy Jones

remembering Paulus Berensohn
a Dancer Who Pivoted to Pottery
who died on June 15 2017 aged 84
A dear friend has passed on, present still

see 3 minute Vimeo trailer
to inspiring documentary To Spring From The Hand

how fortunate we are to be self aware
to have our senses
to experience the dynamic display of open intelligence
to be so connected to everyone and to the world

World Service – The Cultural Frontline – magnificent artist & photographer JR:
the man who’s worked across the city in Rio, in Israel. . .
& in Paris he made the pyramid of the Louvre disappear
he features in the first 14mns of this 27mn programme


JR has made a film with the great film maker Agnès Varda
see this 2mn trailer Faces Places

(JR was 2011 TED Prize winner)
see too a 5 minute video of  JR and Marco’s largest illegal photography exhibition ever

The Radić Pavilion at Hauser & Wirth Somerset

kissing summer goodbye
seeing it with my iPhone



it’s a thing:
see some of my images on Instagram

thank goodness small remnants of urban decay still remain
especially south of the river here in Bristol

measuring up, convention has it that’s what we’re here to do
surely not, we are aware, precious human beings
perfect as we are
if you value authentic education in the true nature of mind
you might like to visit
or watch
a 5 minute video by Lizzie Keates my teacher

Sidmouth seafront, @ summer’s end

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