Month: February 2018

at a time of commercialised love
I am reminded of non-commodified,
authentic, beautiful, raw, human
love:  of LOVE that is for freedom,
for perfect love of each human as we are
without need to ‘complete’ ourselves through another being,
without agendas, or the need to be fixed,
without grasping for what we need,
for love that is without contrivance,
for love that is naturally entirely for the benefit of all,
for love that recognises we are not flawed
we have simply been trained in the mistaken belief that this is so…
  I & I, a collage

heard Lauren Laverne with David Byrne
on her 6Music show

he’s been delivering free talks (58mns)
titled Reasons To Be Cheerful
(an homage to Ian Dury’s track of that name)
in a time of many grim realities, an audacious move :

to point to beautiful, small grass roots projects

paper plates for cake! from a Rachel Hazell course:

known as The Travelling Bookbinder,
she is keen on sharing all things papery too,

am presently engaged on her marvellous
PaperLove e.course

here’s a B&W taste of the PaperLove e.course so far

this is Donaldo, from my 2017 series paper beings
named after
the event didn’t see him peeking out
’til the piece was finished

here’s the wonderful First Aid Kit
singing their song of homage (5mn video) with thanks to Angela

and continuing the occasional series three books by my bed

envisioning what we would like to manifest
can be a beautiful thing to do:
here is a glimpse of my treasure map for 2018


mmm…don’t quite know where this birdy theme has come from…

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