Month: March 2018

the light is returning…

and should you feel like dancing,
here is Tropical, by Rum Shebeen
(4mn video)

Take the word butterfly.
To use this word it is not necessary to make the voice
weigh less than an ounce
or equip it with small dusty wings.
It is not necessary to invent a sunny day or a field of daffodils.
It is not necessary to be in love, or to be in love with butterflies.
The word butterfly is not a real butterfly.
There is the word and there is the butterfly.
If you confuse these two items people have the right to laugh at you.
Do not make so much of the word.
Are you trying to suggest that you love butterflies more perfectly than anyone else,
or really understand their nature? The word butterfly is merely data.
It is not an opportunity for you to hover, soar, befriend flowers, symbolize beauty and frailty,
or in any way impersonate a butterfly.
Do not act out words. Never act out words.
(from Leonard Cohen’s 1978 out of print book of poetry
Death of a Lady’s Man)

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