Month: June 2018

a random posting of things that I hope will be of value/interest to you too. . .

here comes summer

& time here to clarify and cull in the world of possessions:
it is so good to get help with onerous tasks like clearing space,
and working with the marvellous Martha Locke has been such a boon.
Getting my affairs in order – to appreciate everything now, or to be ready to move,
or to lighten the burden on friends of dealing with remaining stuff,
after I have died – has been a really fruitful, easeful task.
Participating in a workshop around death enabled me to
easily face some hitherto avoided tasks to getting my affairs in order.

has been a beautiful adjunct along the way too.
These before & after shots don’t quite do the transformation justice…
the sense of space and expansiveness in me and my environment is delightful

marking moments, appreciation & gratitude, acknowledging change
we each have ways of honouring the heartfelt . . .
him n her by Grayson Perry
Exhibition of his work @ Bristol Museum & Art Gallery til June 24th 2018
a beautiful Ganesh in David’s front room
the mantel piece here
beautiful seat covering @ Mandy’s

Some Rules for Teachers & Students
from the wonderful Corita Kent: educator, printmaker, nun, activist,
influential mentor to Ray & Charles Eames, Warhol et al

wordwatching: James Lee Burke’s writing is full
of many new-to-me-words, as is the braintraining app
Elevate. Here are a couple:
such a beautiful time of year to visit with friends,
get out of one’s usual habitat, and see anew

in lovely Liverpool

thank you so much for visiting this blog – do come again