Month: August 2019

the welcome:
to the raging wild
unpredictable weather
in and out, perfect
as it is

on the Collage College workshop with the
wonderful Jeremy Dixon
what do we want from the day*
and the name to call themself today**
make a postcard who/how things will be:
out of my head *
and Lills** it is then


altered and book cover:
will insert the book into Tesco’s book department. . .

slipped the altered book into the ‘K’s, where the Penguin spine
gives no hint of the altered cover. . . .

what’s that on my shoulder

nb collage intention attained: to get out of my head and into my senses
notes from the kitchen sink studio…..

the delight of making books

* integrating rubber stamps, pochoir (stencil) and drawing *
learning pochoir, with lovely Angie Butler on her delightful slow printing workshop
was a total pleasure:
sublime to slow down, print, relax and eat cake…with other creative types

Faces, Places is a highly recommendable documentary film:
artists JR and Agnes Varda (sadly recently passed) on a road trip with purpose –
a brilliant
1hr 29mns & available now on Netflix – whoa…

my commitment to make something by hand every day (started 1st January) 
continues, and took on a new aspect whilst away on retreat in Sweden

here are some of the disparate offerings made . . . .

a tiny booklet of gratitude for my room mate, with a Rumi quote,
and Wangdor Rinpoche in Sweden

a digi collage made (in Brushes app) by hand on my phone
and if you’d like to get a feel for the Balanced View Center, in Sweden,
here’s a link to a 2 minute video

a book recommended by printer, musician, marvel Mog Fry
for wanderers, dreamers and fringe dwellers everywhere
fun and stimulating explorations are afoot…

to see some photos
here’s my Instagram link
thank you for 
visiting and your openness
to seeing things