mail and other delights


  it’s the final leg of the e.course Paperlove

week five’s topic has been mail – marvellous
it’s been a creative delight to participate in this course ….
here are some snippets of work and goings-on here at the kitchen sink studio

Blog on MAIL - 1Blog on MAIL 2 copy

Blog on Mail 3 copy

and finally, some reading, watching and listening  that have nurtured the creative spirit:

another wonderful interview (65mns) with Stephen Jenkinson on death and dying

writer Kaled Hosein’s novel And The Mountains Echoed

for a bit of light satirical, yet nurturing! relief, series two of tv show W1A  (60mns)

Edward Abbey’s 1975 radical anarchic work The Monkey Wrench Gang

Simon Armitage’s play  The Raft of Medusa with accompanying film – a mixed media treat (47mns)

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  1. DC said:

    Mail is always a pleasure to recieve fom you Lills and in amongst this beautiful arrangement I see my gold flecked black heart which ‘Wows!’ everyone that has seen it. Again, thank you.

    May 27, 2015

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