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in her book Better Than Before  Gretchen Rubin identifies several key psychological
archetypes that determine our relationship with habit,
the most fascinating of which deals with how we handle the two types of expectations
in life —
outer – such as our work obligations and the law
inner – such as our moral values and personal commitments

She identifies four distinct groups:
•    Upholders respond readily to both outer expectations and inner expectations.
•    Questioners question all expectations, and will meet an expectation only if they
believe it’s justified.
•    Obligers respond readily to outer expectations but struggle to meet inner expectations.
•    Rebels resist all expectations, outer and inner alike.

Knowing which group you fit into using this map of the territory could be a useful aid in
establishing new habits. . .

For me a playful approach to almost anything has huge benefits: having almost completed
a month of disposing of stuff playing the minimalism game, exercising the culling muscle
by developing a new daily habit has certainly made the project easier, & choosing to do it playfully has helped too

Talking today to dfg he articulated beautifully that his raison d’etre is play…
how wonderful to recognise that

Can you remember the knock at the door from a friend calling to ask ‘can you come out
to play?’ and heading off to pastures new?     …it was exciting

reflecting on the question How playful am I now? is illuminating

What’s your current view of play? Do you value or denigrate it?
…how playful are you at present – are you up to playing?

In a culture where what we value may seem at odds with what is life-enhancing, play
engages the heart, mind and body, it is a journey into the unknown, includes expanding
parameters, and is a blast: in short, it is uplifting; perhaps this is partly why it is such
a delight to be around children as they explore and experiment with such enjoyment

As an addendum, there’s also the joy of playing with yourself…which I am very fond of

a person who writes plays is called a playwright
those who engage in sports are players
musicians play their instruments
we visit the theatre to see plays

So, time perhaps to reclaim the word and lift it from its unfairly pegged lowly status

never underestimate the seriousness of taking things lightly
                                                                               unknown source

just because I’m cheeky doesn’t men I’m not serious
                                                                  David Hockney

the citizen’s first duty is not to keep quiet
                                                  Gunter Gråss

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