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playfull times: warriors, every one

B&W Games tribe (crop)many moons ago Ursula & I held a non-competitive games afternoon at Friend’s Meeting House:
It was a wonderful exploratory investigation of co-operation, rather than competition, & of
playfulness; challenging in ways different from going all out to win over somebody else –
we fostered working together:- and this tribe were inspiringly up for it. . .
the tribe look so young – we were!


as one of The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn says

love people2

 Knowle Rocks: appreciating what’s around us, deep in urban South Bristol

 KnowleRocks B&W

 noticing how the meaning of phrases changes over time

‘art appreciation’ used to mean understanding, studying & admiring (visual) art forms,
their cultural connections and contexts

it may now signify something quite different, some would say diametrically opposed:
the pertinent point being rather, ‘will this work appreciate in monetary value’ for example
*****  intrinsic vs extrinsic values  ****


and now for some artists I really appreciate, & value!
gorgeous creative people, I’d like to introduce you to –

Isabel Moseley  a young woman I met in Venice on our artists’ residencies:
she’s an adventurous explorer of space and time, bookarts, and more…
Toby Thompson old soul friend, magician of the spoken word & performance poet:
an unreasonable young man

think that’s all for now….’til we post again
don’t know where (!) don’t know when…

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  1. DC said:

    I remember that event even tho’ I wasn’t there!!!
    Brought the idea and book back from US after experiencing ‘Playfair’ whilst working with Ron.
    Was going to organise it with you but moved back to Germany for work.
    Never seen this pic . . . . all look so glowing!
    Thanks (again) for picking up the baton Lills

    June 22, 2015

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