a new city. . .

Edinburgh: glorious city, glorious weatherEdinburgh Bldgs& a two-day Paperlove alumni workshop, with Rachel Hazell

paper plates   we eat cake from these delightful plates – made of paper, naturally !


TheStudioWIndow                            TheStudioSpaceMyWorkTable

& exploratory WORK begins…

vita e morteinvestigating ideas around life and death, including Italian, a
language I am aspiring to learn…
L&D book content ideas
looking at component parts to include in the finished book:
interaction, acknowledgement, gift, mailart, teachers in death
and dying, notes to the living and to the dead, looking into
the heart of the matter…………………..



collab&heart books copy


crayons&edges Map&Edges

MyNameTag Strange...

can you see the heart stitched into the book’s spine?

a satisfying three days exploring the content for the
evolving book small matters of life and death

noticing things other people were exploring, such as Rose’s salt scatter

salt on wet paint P1070401

and my extra day in the beautiful forbidding city was
spent ambling along the waters of Leith, people
-watching, and seeing all the amazing
visuals a new city has to offer

visited exhibitions too…

Bailey’s Stardust /
the Gormley half-figure /

The Amazing World of MC

seeing my shadow in this Escher work, and on the light on the stairs:
selfies, selfies everywhere


and so return to Bristol, invigorated and happily tired

plastic&millenfalls copy

and the walls at Arnolfini, part of the wonderful retrospective of Richard Long’s work


   and a lovely quote from poet Jane Kenyon

  be a good steward of your gifts 
  protect your time
  feed your inner life
  avoid too much noise
  read good books, have good sentences in your ears
  be yourself as often as you can
  take the phone off the hook
  work regular hours


  1. Anton said:

    Breathtaking!really amazing,so glad you enjoyed yourself,and your tour round Edinburgh looks very informative and inspiring,as does the workshop.

    September 26, 2015
    • Lilla D. said:

      it’s so good to get feedback:

      sometimes it can seem as though I’m calling out into the dark and there’s no one there!

      So thank you to everyone who takes time to comment. . .

      September 26, 2015
  2. Clare said:

    Ooh, it took me into another world, another space. It was like listening to soothing music – I was in your journey. Forbidding city! Haha…thank you Lilla .

    September 26, 2015
  3. Ama said:

    Lovely, lovely! I see you made good use of your time. Fascinating photos. I miss Scotl;and, I miss Edinburgh, I miss Rachel …

    September 23, 2015

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