the old and the new


continuing the theme of reflection, always a thing of beauty, clocking the shape of the year past
feels like a job that needs doing – to get a sense of its actuality rather than taking
a merely haphazard guess as to how it was – you know the kind of thing we say:
it was a rubbish year because I didn’t get the book written/job completed/body I wanted/roof fixed,
and so on – a perhaps inaccurate overview of the whole, gained by alighting on random thoughts,
and oh aren’t they just so often the negative ones. . .

√MakeBooks copy

To assist me in documenting my year for 2015 I set up a project called monthly bookettes:
an A4 sheet of paper, folded, on which I draw, write, record key events & occurrences,
things that inspired, gifts received, films watched, friends seen….
with a simple card cover + a drawing:

& at the end of the year I have 12 sweet bookettes – a small library of the year
by reading through them I glean what actually went down,
and see just how my memory may not always serve me so well


12 Bookettes 2015

ideas and visions for the year ahead are bubbling on the long finger (thank you Jenny L.)
things such as embracing serendipity,  cultivating kindness, contributing more
and putting on making books workshops
so write

L.E.A.P. – Do What You Love For Life’s writing e.course

and as the thesis whisperer was told by an older academic
just remember, there’s no such thing as writing: only rewriting



off duty
as time goes on. .

photographed over the year
a beautiful urban oak tree

(look out for the couple of country trees thrown into the mix)


  1. Ama said:

    A year of bookettes! What a brilliant idea! I like the pomodoro technique too. I have just made my first (tiny) book of this year using the lovely card you sent me as a cover.

    January 23, 2016
  2. jenny Leigh said:

    would like to see your bookettes in actual real space sometime soon. and to join you for off duty. didnt know you were acquainted with Lemmy. x

    January 11, 2016

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