around & about you

what’s it like in your neck of the woods?

your environment   your home

the inner terrain. . .and the outer world?


with this in mind I’ve been taking a deeper look into seeing things around me
and ascertaining how well these environs serve me,
mine is an urban setting. . .

the approach: walking down my street I can see all the way to the horizon
trees abound in the park there

approaching the apartment, the funky rusty gate’s ok with me. . .


a welcome front door – just been painted matt dark bluegreen

finally replaced the grim heartsink hairy brown mat with this. . .

nature through the window lifts the spirits


creative studio kitchen space

views to the outside, where prayer flags alert me
to the element of wind & far away lands
out in the yard…
had the flagstones cleaned, so much more uplifting to see bright concrete!√GdnDaffsBuddhaRabbit&Shadopond in a plastic pot, no mud no lotus
and back outside, the allotments next to the park
and still such beauty in the urban landscape
when I have the iPhone eyes to see!
I adore the ocean, trees, rivers, hills: and yet here in the urban lands of
south Bristol is where I dwell:
have been an urban fringe dweller for 90% of this life . . .

food for thought and more contemplation. . .


  1. Ursula Monn said:

    Gorgeous, Lills….so good to look at ALL the aspects of one’s life, through the mirror of our external environment….and the many visual gifts that surround us for most of our lives, whether in urban or rural settings….!!!! we may have forgotten to appreciate what they are, forgotten to even look!!! And remembering to appreciate our internal response to all that surrounds us in the environment we live in, too….GLASS HALF FULL!!!!! Thank you

    April 23, 2016
  2. Steve said:

    Nice Lils, love the newly painted dark blue -green door in black and white!

    April 21, 2016
  3. Mog Fry said:

    Love this Lilla. “Urban Fringe Dweller” with “iPhone eyes to see!” and here I sit staring at a flat screen made of metal and glass in front of another pane of glass and there is the garden. My bicycle is calling….

    April 21, 2016

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