thinking writing stamping …

a postcard from the ar(t)chive
notes to self –
sprang to mind in my morning meditation
lighten up copy
a good idea in view of. . .

so many reasons / so much fixed thinking /
so much rationalisation / so much attachment /
so much personal bias / so much justification /
so much machination / so much tension /
so much cogitation / so much storytelling /
so much pontification / so much trepidation /
so much righteousness / so much conviction

such precision from the subconscious mind
makes this message beautifully pertinent

and yet still there’s . . . .
so much imagination / so much generosity /
so much land / so much affection /
so much sky / so much love /
so much evocation / so much beauty /
so much humour / so much joy /
so much wonder / so much gratification /
so much friendship / so much laughter /
so much delight / so much everything. . .

so easy to forget that it’s all part of life…

how marvellous that the mind can rejig itself come back to its senses

not get caught in one dimensional reductionism


gratitude and appreciation
then rear their lovely heads
and lo, life sends gifts….
unbidden gestures from anonymous folk
with a will to uplift the urban landscape
T  H  A  N  K  Y  O  U
and in Frome….feeling like a dummy
no need, you are gorgeous!
a gift in the post from a dear friend
lifts the spirits
DC printing set
so I make a card to send to my hairdresser,
reassurance after a radical colour change…

 made in the playful atmosphere
of at our perfectly formed group OffDuty
gifted with the presence of four creative women
Mog sang a new song and played her ukulele
do have a look at her love life blog
& some of her music

Ëilis brought gingerbread biscuits
and didn’t go to work!
and played with bits and pieces
whilst Meg stamped away beautifully

we ate grapes & gingerbread men, talked, drank tea:
taking time off to pootle creatively works!

don’t forget to look down
you never know what
messages you may receive

(looking up’s good too)
just when you think you’re a worrier
turns out the universe is
saying you’re also a warrior!
and finally a reminder of
just how creative lovers of
books have always been
≈ London, circa 1930s ≈




  1. jenny Leigh said:

    Thank you Lillz, for wonderful, uplifting, troubled,glorious you. xxx

    June 16, 2016
  2. Mog said:

    Aah Lilla. So Much Gorgeousness in your post! x o x

    June 16, 2016

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