al Mutanabbi Street bookmark project

al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

the idea being to share and spread knowledge of the project: people find the bookmarks, take them, and do or do not investigate what al Mutanabbi Street project is

enjoyed making these simple bookmarks and most importantly infiltrating them into my local community

indescribable Bookmarks

starting with the shelves of my nearest supermarket, I secreted some bookmarks amongst World Foods

next slipped them into books in our local street library

and finally inserted into books from the public library and propped up on the shelves,  amongst John Le Carré’s books

InfiltLibrarythis is the third aspect of Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here that I have been involved with creatively and it is  wonderful to participate in an international project  of such  seriousness;  for one individual working alone the sense of helplessness and inability to make a difference can incapacitate

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