wanting to share with you
various disparate ideas. . . .

Corita Kent’s beautiful Namaste poster
circa 1960s

Summer time in Sweden @ Great Freedom Center – Balanced View – bliss

a small offering there at the oak grove

a book for Lizzie – made at Jeremy Dixon’s delightful
two-day book making course at UWE

revisiting my stamp collection,
towards invitations for a friend’s wedding. . .

and if you like dancing you might enjoy this 2 minute video
with thanks to David

the photo postcard project:
wondering what to do with photos from long ago
of lovely friends, wanting to honour our friendship and history,
sending the image back to them, with date taken and location,
in appreciation of the sweet oft unacknowledged journey together

Sadly I discovered, in trying to contact him, Tom has died.
I honour this lovely man
(1988 Tom and me)

see some of my photographs on Instagram



  1. Mog said:

    Aah so full of open heart. Thank you Lilla. Jiggy vid fab! x o x

    August 19, 2018
    • Lilla D. said:

      so glad you appreciate it all Mog x

      August 19, 2018
  2. David said:

    Beautiful photo of yourself and Tom Lills, Love shining through . . . .

    I have to acknowledge Mandy for the dance music, I was swaying and cooking away to Lucky Dube when she asked for some Irish ‘jiggy’ music. I googled it up and we were delighted with the result. A little more coconut milk spilled into the pot but tasted even more delicious as a consequence .

    August 19, 2018
    • Lilla D. said:

      thank you David and love the jiggy story, x

      August 19, 2018

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