Summer Solstice Salutations

it’s that beautiful time of year again

so refreshing to have a life practice now,
rather than a creative practice:
so there is no differentiation between Life and Creativity….
& a commitment to make something, by hand, each day –
ah, as my mentor states, this might be a practice!


friends getting old, friends becoming ill, friends dying
new friends, old friends, young friends,
so precious & scrumptious all
I salute you
Henry – who orchestrated
Hollow Log community event
James Crawlers
artist, dancer, facilitator, teacher and FOOL
– fooling solstice performance –
in the park June 21st 2019
Loving a return to shrine
and sacred gift-making

Clare & Simon’s celebration of 35 years together

Raiders of the lost archive
revisiting work from the nineties…

self-portrait: from the non-dominant
hand period
present reading

…and acknowledgement of my dearly beloved mamma,
whose recent passing thankfully

took place in her own home, her heart’s wish

should you wish to see the photo-side of my work
do visit me at Instagram

thank you for visiting





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