mainly collage!

Collage writing.._edited-1

P A P E R L O V E      acrostic, off the cuff…


  P.LoveMasUpPoem0  PAPERLOVE AcrosticPoem
pure / appliqué / prissy / enlightens / rudimentary /lessons / original / velvet / Eros

a statue of Eros making books enlightens me!/rudimentary dear Watson – easy/prissy girls appliqué
using paper & thread/I’d like to be elusive & original/everyday materials like velvet may not be/lessons
in Picadilly, London, are lovely to touch/may bet the idea nothing pure is something/rudimentary
experiment enlightens/seem to think original velvet/there’s pure Mary aiming to learn/

this map appeared on a wall two doors down from my home here in Bristol, wondrously it was of an area I had lived in half a century before…
the map evoked a forgotten memory when I saw the place name Whiteway; I had been taken as a young woman to this place where I met an
elder from a community that had once lived collectively on the land. The wooden dwelling she lived in was threadbare, the walls lined with
newspaper, without running water or light – she seemed to be the last in line of a once flourishing group with ideals of a Tolstoyian nature.
And so, after some research and tender reflection upon this enlightening experience from so many years before, a collaged book evolved
into which my story was integrated…


XperiPrintOnShiney these two images were inkjet printed onto shiny paper, then transferred:
image is thus reversed and appears weathered…



folded into an envelope & tucked into the back cover – the story of how this book came about

envelope story


and finally some logging – a handmade booklet documenting the month’s key occurrences, topics, interests…


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  1. Steve said:

    love the elegy, you must show me the book next time….

    April 5, 2015

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