my films

if you are interested you can have a look at all my moving image work by visiting  Vimeo

my first moving imagework of 2016 nite rite lites

nite lite rites from Lilla Duignan on Vimeo
shot in the front room and the backyard this experimental moving imagework explores the liminal evocative spaces where darkness and mystery dance together – revealed by the light.
Its soundtrack, humans, is inspired by the Circuit Group and Keep Fit Ladies,
and is a found sound collaboration

Shrine2Venezia from Lilla Duignan on Vimeo

artist’s book shrine
an artist’s residency in Venice proved to be a wonderful opportunity, and this is a small hymn to being in that magical watery city – La Serenissima – from meeting marvellous artists, falling apart, getting lost and being found: this captures a little of the sense of an altered space that I entered there, and that’s affected me since!
Being a bricoleur I used found materials, carved rubber stamps, hand printed and collaged this piece

Stamping It Out from Lilla Duignan on Vimeo   made to show the process of layered printing up of rubber stamp images.

StampDuty is a monthly gathering @ The Kitchen Sink Studio where we experiment with cutting rubber stamps and printing them –
creative practice is enhanced by this focus on playfulness, and the pressure’s off when there is no need to produce ‘good’ work!

We make artists’ books, draw, print, illustrate & build websites…

Visual Journal – moving images to give you a flavour of the process of developing work
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