Many things in this life are mysterious to me, including making things: such as artists’ books and moving image work; always an adventure into the unknown, full of anticipation and sometimes trepidation, which is perfect

This is a space in which I share my work, ideas, insights – things you might find of interest or value

A friend asked what is an artist’s book? One of the marvels is it’s hard to pin down, and I like that:
maybe it is like the dog that bites you on the bum, you know it when you experience it….

Make1st                                                                                                                               (one of my mini mantras)
I’m passionate about artists’ books and they are often the best way I can find to communicate the uncommunicable!
It could be a piece of work with a theme, or perhaps documentation of a place, or recording of an event…endless possible permutations…
some people translate their non-verbal ideas through painting, instinctively I find artists’ books to be a favourite form.

one definition of artist’s book:

…here’s one (on the right) I made earlier
*a complete work of art realised in the form of a book 3DUnFoldedBoard+SewnPages
*often published in small editions
*sometimes produced as one-of-a-kind- object
*may be referred to as uniques….

Perhaps Anselm Kiefer has something when he says,
art really is something very difficult; it is difficult to make
and it is sometimes difficult for the viewer to understand…
A part of it should always include having to scratch your head.

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