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our monthly StampDuty gathering at KISS is celebrating 2 years of making & exploring for pleasure:

√KItchenSInkStudio2 copy
we are three busy people with pressures to perform, produce & procure, so plerking
(play+work, thank you Tanja)  is a pleasure – lunch follows our morning session today
before we all head out to do the grown-up thing, filled with the joys of autumn



chocolate & cake…
√Cake&Choc    √Mog@Work carving & stamping it out…

√Mog'sWork&Plate  √MegSrawbPrint&Hands

2StmpCards   √MegFruitPrints
1StmpCard  BackStmpCard


my first love from way back when (well maybe my second) is



& one of my favourite things is making mail art: here are a couple of simple
examples, starring Grayson’s slim ankles…

GraysonShoes2 GraysonShoes1
using takeaway lids for these postcards, the shoes remind me of the wonderful
ones John Bently has made & wears in performance, or even – if you’re lucky –
whilst dancing round his back garden. . .