Month: November 2016

9squarerubberstamp√cutout jumper negative

Defining oneself in any way can be a challenge.
I am a . . . . . .  can seem somewhat reductive.
It can feel as though one is contorting to fit into a box.
could this be because
the reality is more that

we are limitless,  indivisible beings
and thus separating the self
from all that is
from everything
from every one
from every experience
seems the antithesis of our true nature?

It can of course useful to unpick what one is:  as a way of
both understanding self and of communing with others.

Making an artist’s statement is a continuing challenge for me.
How to précis all one is into a cogent package – aaaaarrrggghhh

this is my latest go at it
it takes me hours
(it takes as long as it takes)
and still leaves plenty to be desired

. . .for your perusal
Lilla is a bricoleur – i.e.
one who creates using what is to hand.

She makes books, takes photographs, writes,
makes moving image work, draws, blogs,
is a documenter, makes collage, builds shrines,
and is a primitiv print maker

It’s so easy to overlook what’s under your nose. . . .
yet so easy to see what’s under someone else’s!

an artist who does not know me swiftly spotted
that one of my passions
is all things papery
thank you Matt!
my desk

Later that evening, inspired by the rather mysterious cover

of one of Mark Pawson‘s books, in turn inspired by
the paper shape that covers a three-prong plug,
I started playing with paper and scissors. . . .

papercutouthd2 %e2%88%9apapercutouthd1

and from this played on my iPhone and made this short piece

entitled SingingHeads

with thanks to the lovely Leonard (Cohen) for the sound track
his new work  You Want It Darker  is wonderful

There are some lovely online interviews with him.
(see 4th November 2016 at this F.Book link)
It seems he is deeply weary and physically poorly,
though his beautiful spirit continues to shine .
Love and respect to you Leonard.


from the occasional series three books by my bed
returned once more to John Berger’s seminal work,
after seeing the inspiring BBC documentary (54mns)
The Art of Looking
(also available on iPlayer to tv licence-payers)
On being asked where he gets his ideas from, Neil Gaiman said
I make them up

and here’s  a blast from the past  (1986 to be precise)
Timbuk3 singing Hairstyles & Attitudes

Bristol Temple Meads station, with fx