Month: February 2017

paper is everywhere and so integral to life it’s easily overlooked
..can be so lovely ’tis hard
to throw away

in the spirit of play and enjoyment here are
some new PaperBeings


they are growing in number and imagining them becoming very large-scale
with people walking amongst them
made a moving image piece with a toy vw car moving sround  them. . .

darn it, have not been able to insert the gif(t) made


one definition of play: engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation
rather than a serious or practical purpose
(in a results-focused & goal oriented culture no wonder it hasn’t cut the mustard)

write a play/play a game/play with words/playright/playtime
will you come out to play?/played out/dis-played/underplayed/wordplay/
play an instrument/play dirty/playful/

play may involve
not knowing/
allowing mistakes/
aha moments/

there is plenty of evidence to demonstrate the importance of play
as innovator in the development of human culture
(Play & Creativity iPlayer radio)

a lovely paper communication from Tanja


the present: VISION 2017
this year a simple vision map of images spontaneously chosen as representing
the spirit of the year ahead: simple text attached to exemplify  aspects of this,
glimpsed  through translucent envelopes, becomes clear as the year unfolds…
the past: NOTED 2016
the drawer of delights contained 365 notes which I read through in January,
picking out the ones that referenced dear friends and family & sending these to them
in translucent envelopes (a bit of a theme here) – thereby
acknowledging them and their contribution to project 365, and to my life

also made a book from randomly chosen notes,
and kissing them goodbye, set fire to the remainder. . .


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