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if life is a mirror, is what it is reflecting giving me an
inkling of what I was just thinking. . .

life is one big biofeedback loop is it not?


3 books by my bed: an idea nicked from musician Gregory Hoskins – thank you!
go to his site to read about his being on the road with Stephen Jenkinson. . .


Michael Kimmelman’s  The Accidental Masterpiece
William Boyd’s Any Human Heart
Stephen Jenkinson’s Die Wise

drawing row

as a component part of the evolving book small matters of life & death
I have begun naming and honouring my dead, and was touched
by what this evoked –
people die, time elapses,
and then so often in our culture
we do not remember them now;
those tho’ who
are long-forgotten can live on in our memories:
I wanted to honour this by spending some time remembering
and evoking the dear departed dead ones….


snippets of weird and wonderful times were unexpectedly revisited:
a friend’s grandfather repeatedly asking the
time over and over and over again; a friend
who no longer wanted to live so walked out
into oncoming traffic to end her life; Great
Granny Taylor, lying upstairs out of range
of life’s thrum downstairs; being at
Bearshank Lodge with lovely musician
Ruan O’Lochlainn and family; Great Uncle
Lenny showing up out of the blue, his
arrival known only from the sound of his piano playing echoing from my grandmother’s front room.
So interesting that the people of the past live on in us now as we bring them to mind,
back into our imaginations  –  where  they are once more present

birdie stamp row

I recently spent an enriching time with artist, and long-time friend,  Jenny Leigh;
we discussed our respective work and creative ideas – it’s always a pleasure to chew the fat
with a sister on the path – here is a glimpse into Jenny’s recent bookworks


inside Jenny’s book  Ancestral Twine  (print & paint)


I wanted to buy this beautiful book, appreciate it, then send it on a journey, to be forwarded,
from friend to friend – and so create a passing-on and appreciation of this piece. . .
graciously,  Jenny gave it to me for my upcoming birth day – what a lovely gift;
sense there is a connection here, a thread, linking to my book small matters of life & death
small title in Italian

a friend turned me on to this young man’s uplifting & pragmatic teachings –
including some far out ideas –  how invigorating, thankyou Mog
Bentinho Massaro


making them, reading them, writing them, sharing them

self/ie-obsessed? moi?
will this gif drive you mad!?
let me know….
one way or t’other


many happy returns to this site