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playfull times: warriors, every one

B&W Games tribe (crop)many moons ago Ursula & I held a non-competitive games afternoon at Friend’s Meeting House:
It was a wonderful exploratory investigation of co-operation, rather than competition, & of
playfulness; challenging in ways different from going all out to win over somebody else –
we fostered working together:- and this tribe were inspiringly up for it. . .
the tribe look so young – we were!


as one of The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn says

love people2

 Knowle Rocks: appreciating what’s around us, deep in urban South Bristol

 KnowleRocks B&W

 noticing how the meaning of phrases changes over time

‘art appreciation’ used to mean understanding, studying & admiring (visual) art forms,
their cultural connections and contexts

it may now signify something quite different, some would say diametrically opposed:
the pertinent point being rather, ‘will this work appreciate in monetary value’ for example
*****  intrinsic vs extrinsic values  ****


and now for some artists I really appreciate, & value!
gorgeous creative people, I’d like to introduce you to –

Isabel Moseley  a young woman I met in Venice on our artists’ residencies:
she’s an adventurous explorer of space and time, bookarts, and more…
Toby Thompson old soul friend, magician of the spoken word & performance poet:
an unreasonable young man

think that’s all for now….’til we post again
don’t know where (!) don’t know when…