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artists who are/happen to be female

able to name lots of artists, it has concerned me that the names that trip
off the tongue are rarely those of women: we have been educated in this –
time again to step outside unthinking acceptance handed on from the patriarchy;
here is a random selection from the many artists I admire

Hannah Höch  German 1889-1978 the feminist pioneer of photomontage,
only woman member of Berlin Dada group
Dada and Danach (After Dada) 1925

Eileen Agar  British 1899-1991 painter / photographer / collagist,
associated with Surrealism collected and connected objects. . .

Faith Ringgold  born 1930 African American collagist / narrative quilter
Quilting As An Art Form (5mn video)

Alina Szapocznikow Polish 1926-1973 sculptor, her provocative work
recalled Surrealism, Nouveau Realism, and Pop art.
She was a Holocaust survivor.

‘A Janus-faced ashtray, filled with fag butt sludge’

Judy Chicago  American born 1939 an American feminist artist, art educator, and writer
I’m An Artist and A Troublemaker
(6mn video)

Annette Messager French born 1943 uses everyday objects,
and photographs play a central role in her work

 Sophie Calle French born 1953 writer, photographer, installationist and
conceptual artist ‘from following a stranger to Venice
to burying her mother’s jewellery at the north pole,
she is France’s foremost artist of the unexpected’

Gracia & Louise (Haby & Jennison) Australian, contemporary collagists
‘besotted with paper for its adaptable, foldable, cut-able, concealable, revealing nature’
– they make beautiful artist’s books

it is such a pleasure to be studying and making on Rachel Hazell‘s
(aka The Travelling Bookbinder) PaperLove e.course: so good to
be part of a group all passionate about paper, keen to share and open
to developing respective practices. . .

here are some things I have been exploring. . .including collage, an old love
feeling under the weather, making a set of playing cards keeps one’s hand in. . .



desk at the end of the day


Teenage Dirtbag 4mn vid The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain

friendship collage made by Helen and her grand daughter Gemma

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