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all of which puts me in mind of the rather splendid exhibition
death: the human experience
on at City Museum until March 2016

first things you see when you enter the museum are the
death’s-head hawk-moth illuminated banners pointing you
onwards, with an original Banksy (?) intervention to
statuary – creating an interesting juxstaposition – to the right

                                  1.Death - signage     1a.DeathHead's Hawk-moth - text

and on into the mysterious space the museum has created. . . .
to some strange symbols in glass bell jars: carrion crow,
to assist the recently dead to cross over to the next world:
these crows are particularly associated with death
as they eat the flesh of dead animals
  Crow in Jar
and these glorious payback figures
PaybagFigs text
and on to an encounter with a medieval doctor’s head gear


PlagueDoc-text   an exhibition that warrants returning to and savouring further

                               all in all a moving week in so many different ways. . . .and like Life, a continuing

work in progress

still at work on the current book project small matters of life & death,
of which more soon to come

rather appropriately, off this weekend to a day’s workshop with Stephen Jenkinson:
activist, storyteller, teacher – he of the film Griefwalker

and another thing

please do visit again