Tag: death

Earth’s the right place for love: I don’t know where it’s likely to go better .   Robert Frost


The end of the old year seems a good time for review to: honour the passing of time, clock (sic)

the miss takes, observe the learning, acknowledge remorse, hold the balance of darkness & light

….and set foot upon a path ahead renewed: to become more skilful in communing, listening, noticing, right action, making, seeing,
observing…..in all ways possible….

and acknowledging that it is in the forgetting, and becoming caught, that the human can remember what being human is, once more.


 the bird of tenderness hangs in the balance

tender bird of balance  tender new  aiming also to keep drawing….


…..and to keep reading and studying the work of Stephen Jenkinson


…one of his ideas can provide me with deep illumination and abundant grist for the mill

Dark Still: I refer you to the piece he has written for this time of the year