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and letting go
thingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthingsthinsgPoss June Blog… observed in all this dispersal of things was how I have not taken care of things
as well as I might; which led to a qualitative change in relation to the things I own:
the quality this brought to the fore was the need to

Cherishmy kitchen sink studio was the next area to explore,
& with cherishing uppermost, my art archive has been
sifted through with appreciation….

things begin to look clearer…

I very much like sharing work, with friends and strangers –
some has been infiltrated into charity shops,
I hold pop-up exhibitions here in the studio
and some work has been chosen for special people to receive. . .

 images from the archive of some earlier work
* digital copies of handmade collages*

Inner Journeys

           sweet flower mandala       

Waterfall collage*water falls 

indo dreaming

Dagger Collage
cutting through

*Deja View
déja view

 lighten up
from message to self  postcard series


digital collage


millenium nightlights

various other items…
retrievd paper ntbk 3Card2Revers Droodle5GreyScADjstd

and to assist with this sorting and clearing, I’ve embarked on Zen for Ten
10 days to slow down, tune in, light up’ – a free resource from the wonderful
Do What You Love For Life  with daily e.comms for guidance

reminder to self for this week

kindness is a gift

rock on!