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Banner - there is a crack
in the deep midwinter we may celebrate these darkest days, and the apparent
standing still of the sun, as a precious time for dreaming
and reflecting, of going within. . . .


Solstice Banner
**SolsticeTimeBlog1to really see Steve Mallett’s photographs look round here

creativity, mmm there’s a lot of it about, & yet it can be so
easily overlooked or passed by without being acknowledged:
so, I salute you – cooks, painters, writers, mothers, dreamers,
daubers, poets, photographers, printers, performers, vagabonds,
sewists, fathers, potters, builders, weavers, sculptors, musicians,
scientists, bodgers, visionaries, bricoleurs, philosophers,
designers, doodlers, sketchers, makers, dancers, orators

many pass our way though they may never be seen or honoured:
which reminds me, last week I went to pick up Patti Smith…
M Train
at the library – what a delicious mysterious refreshingly
unchronological feast of remembrance and tenderness
M Train is:  a perfect reflection of a marvellous mystic
seeing things through net curtains and an iPhone

TypeWriter copyjust completed a Winter Writing Week
free e.course with the Do What You Love
a fine opportunity to focus on
some writing instead of the many other
compelling & important things that are calling

I’ll be keeping an eye out for visionary artist Laurie Anderson’s
film project Heart of a Dog (trailer)
– referencing death, loss and love –
Steve Silberman describes it as
‘an astonishingly original mashup of old and new techniques…
to probe life’s most challenging lesson:
how to feel deep sorrow without giving in to despair’


have an excellent deep midwinter time,
however you choose to celebrate it