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it was a wonderful celebration –
hearing stories, appreciating books, socialising, eating cake. . .
the whole experience beautifully energised
Stephen Fowler’s
genius idea of  PASSPORT STAMPING

our way round the festival
here are some examples of stamps
gathered whilst visiting participating book artists



so many wonderful books
so little time

From Herne Hill To The Hills Of Penge
. . .by astute lyricist & story teller John Bently

alongside books there were badges, cards, tshirts, cds

and this marvellous model from John (Liver & Lights)
of the performance element of his work:
Bird Radio/Bones & The Aft

whilst chatting with Tanya Peixoto co-founder
& director of bookartbookshop
(17 Pitfield Street, London NI 6HB)

she shared with us this wondrous recreation
by Tim Hopkins (Half Pint Press)
of The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa

From 6 April 2017 for two weeks it is being exhibited
at bookartbookshop:

read this blog for more info

My soul is a hidden orchestra;
I know not what instruments,
what fiddlestrings and harps,
drums and tambours I sound
and clash inside myself.
All I hear is the symphony.

and so, we kiss BABE goodbye for another two years
* it has been such a delight *

here is a lovely call for A6 books
from The London Centre for Book Arts

thank you for visiting

&, should you be moved to, do take a look at
some of my photos on Instagram