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√tin birds + text copy
to find out more about this free resource click on the lovely Do What You Love For Life site

words, phrases,qualities
one of the important things to evolve from this exploration is
I would like to contribute & share my skills more by
running book making workshops
simply books

having experience of the benefits of clearing work/homespaces, it’s always good to re-engage with how it is now. . .

and to remember clearly
moving tables round, clearing paperwork, re purposing old spaces
all seem to invigorate the space, as well as me, energetically:
moving an old table to a new place makes a fresh writing/work space

it’s always good to have confirmation of an anecdotally significant experience,
so reading of the effectiveness of writing’s importance to health and well being
in people’s lives, from a scientific study, is always heartening:
read about it here at upworthy
treasure mapping & getting a sense and visual overview
of some of the qualities desired in the year ahead
√Feb blog page 1

*Feb Blog Page 2
in my experience, addressing intent in a metaphorical, visual way –
as well as in writing – gives access to the unconscious, serendipitous elements
of any project’s manifestation
the ‘how’ can then reveal itself. .

an homage to the beauty of trees and my marvellous ‘phone
√Book Page

new simply bookish ‘biz.’ cards

and this is a beautiful blank book made ages ago, that was simply waiting for
a purpose – it has become my creative projects notebook for 2016;
it was made with Guy Begbie, master bookbinder & workshop facilitator,
here’s some info on his forthcoming workshops (in Bath)
and continuing the bookish theme,
here’s the occasonal snapshot three books by my bedside
honouring the ancient art of reading and the glory of our public libraries. . .
finally, regarding masks, guises,and camouflage
what are some of yours?
a recent Artsnight programme explores this very theme,
with Nina Conti investigating  how masks allow us to step out of our
psychological skins and be someone else
* available on iPlayer ’til the end of February-ish 2016 *