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published today


simply because the balance of

these numbers delights me


a month of glorious collaborations – from a secret pursuit
to a snailmailart project with my mentor, life works perfectly

working as the artists’ group OffDuty:
rubber stamp cutlery print from Mog

rubber stamp leaf print from Meg

seeing things is one of my favourite pursuits:

saw a man walk out of a brick wall. . .

turned out to be a trompe l’oeil door

reflections in the pond in a pot in the garden
and here see time passing by the riverside
opposite Spike Island Print Studios (Bristol)


where coincidentally we have just completed

Press Play, a course for artists
to examine their practice within a group,

over a year, with our wonderful tutor

Emma Gregory  

who made us celebratory communication cakes

for our last session together

Education is not the filling of a pail,

but the lighting of a fire.
William Butler Yeats

in the nature of mind

visit the website of
Balanced View
our next open meeting (Bristol)
will be on Sunday 30th (change from 23rd) July 11.30-12.30

let me know if you would like to meet there

An Artists’s Place (1995) restored programmes
radio re/treats
from The BBC World Service Digital Archive Project

Russell Brand Yanis Varoufakis Interview

1hr 20mn (with thanks to Jenny Wren)

Manchester international Festival
seems a remarkable event with so many innovative strands –

from the wonderful input of Jeremy Deller celebrating people –
a hundred and sixty folk from all walks of life paraded on a catwalk in Piccadilly Gardens
to celebrate the people of the city for the opening event . . .
(see What is the City But the People? link to Guardian article)

. . .to the brilliantly inclusive Festival In My House
again inclusively embracing the extraordinary people of the city

collaged heads


you might enjoy the documentary about John Berger,
(we value you still)
by his old friend Tilda Swinton

– beautiful –
and talking of collaboration, something close to my heart
is a snailmail project with my mentor John Bently
who sent me an envelope full of images

what to do?
the aha dawned whilst I was not thinking –
a shrine to be made from Amazon packaging
reciprocating with a people & car image: on the road in Australia, me and the guys circa 1985

affixing a winged creature print of John’s
next to overprinting  on the cardboard folder
and so the dance begins. . .
the teaparty we held celebrating
the Solstice & the new courtyard
was a delight

sharing old friends with new friends

for visiting
do call again