the frontispiece honours those lost and injured in the al Mutanabbi Street bombing
...hope lies in a cupped palm... a man's gentle attention a woman's strong hands our inter-being... the holding of the book...


hope lies in our hands
Lilla Duignan
Holding Press, September 2011
digital production
14 x 14.5cm
12 pages

made as an edition of three for Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: a project instigated by Beau Beausoleil to honour the people bombed in al Mutanabbi Street on March 5th 2007 - a street at the heart of the literary world of Baghdad, of booksellers and poets...
it is both a lament, and a commemoration to the singular power of words and books, international artists, printers and poets have made and contributed books which are presently travelling the world; one complete set of 130 responses to this call will be donated to the Iraq National Library in Baghdad

for this book I photographed friends' hands holding another of my books: images were then taken in black and white to exemplify the gravity of the past as well as the beauty of these hands in the present, and the hope we all hold