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from kitchen sink studio
spring equinox greetings
and great love to all in the time of viruses




Tibetan Siddha Milarepa sings, from The Sources of Power

There’s a whole lot of power in my practice
Because whatever happens, I adapt to it.

There’s a whole lot of power, because in the end
All appearances are my friends.

I say, all appearances are my friends!





the entire world is suffering,
viral information spreads
and now
we face head-on that we really are in this together:
so many people all over the world
do not know where their next meal will come from
do not know how they will earn money
do not know where they will find work
do not have a home. . . .

when the proverbial hits the fan
we can realise we are more and more alike

such a beautiful opportunity to recognise
our common humanity,
practise compassion,
offer our unique strengths,
gifts and talents to the world for the benefit of all

I invite you to offer your unique flavour to the world
bring your gifts to the table
put your realisations into action
whatever that means for you:
each one of us exalted and wonderful
with so much to give and a heart full of love
just waiting to be expressed
❤️❤️❤️ for the benefit of all ❤️❤️❤️


should you like to know
more of the Dzogchen Teachings
of my precious root guru
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